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Enjoying my first All Hallow’s Eve in CA in a long time.

Keep it Safe & Scary out there people!


brains aren’t just for halloween anymore – they’re good year-round!

GoldenTouchTattoo will happily ink monsters anytime of the year. 😉


there’s nothing i love more than seeing an old client + piece that i’ve done — it’s like seeing two old friends at the same time 😀

i did this zombie piece over 2 years ago – i was pleased to see how bright the color still was and how the green really sTUCK.

i’m even more pleased that we’re gonna be working on a biGGer + beTTeR piece. 😀


standing at a little under a foot, this zombie bear packs a punch + is sure to eat your brains:

completely custom & hand-painted.

want one for yourself?

don’t be sKuRReD…

get @ me.


custom ordered kicks:


hand-painted, weatherproofed, and ready to hit the pavement:

you can have your own, too.

in whatever design your heart desires.

just drop me a line.


Limited Edition Prints.

Signed + Numbered.

Make one (or both!) of these pretty ladies yours @ under ‘STORE’