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He said he wanted something to represent both his mother and fathers sides of the family. He wanted a calf sleeve and I could run free with it:

This piece is on a very fiery client – who just also happens to have great taste in tattoos.


The All Seeing Eye.

[The pyramid itself was seen as literally a stairway to the heavens. Egyptian rulers viewed themselves as Gods and the completed pyramid served as a symbol of their ascent to the above. The uncompleted pyramid such as that shown on the US dollar bill was a symbol of a country that was a work in progress. The “all seeing eye” would be borrowed from the Eye of Horus (an Egyptian god) and traditionally serves as a symbol of protection.]

as you can see this tattoo had seriously fallen out.  it was only done about a year ago and it looks like it had been done about 20 years ago. not only had parts of the imagery fallen out, the writing had faded away to nothing.  it was my job to bring this tattoo BACK to LiFE!

went in, breathed new life into skull and female goddess, even added the filigree around each piece freehand. 😉