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this tattoo seems more significant than ever seeing as how we’re approx a month into Japan’s recovery from it’s disastrous tsunami.

like it’s very own emblem, Japan will rise again.

it doesn’t hurt if the World lends a Hand.


this awesome piece has actually been changed/covered-up TWICE by me alone.  when the client first came in the sun was simply solid black, i added color to the piece.  it’s been over a year and the client wanted it to become something else; something that was more ‘her’ after all this time.  this piece has been able to grow/change/eVoLVE with her as she’s grown/changed/evolved over time.  pretty friggin’ cool. 🙂

been workin’ an awesome client who has two sleeves — one red, one blue, one fire/ one ice, i.e., straight-n-narrow vs. walk-on-the-wide-side.  here’s the latest addition to the walk-on-the-wild-side sleeve 😉


met a LOT of interesting people at the convention – was lucky enough to tattoo this client.  he was an older gentleman that didn’t get his first tattoo until he was 50 yrs old.  he now has 2 sleeves, 2 thigh pieces, and one calf piece.  i was able to help out his other shin/calf with a traditional cherry blossom piece.


[the oni tattoo is very popular japanese image…]

[oni is a fearsome supernatural creature. They have been described variously as guardians of Buddhist hell, demons who act as torturers there, pranksters, devourers of human victims, hunters of sinners, and bringers of disease and epidemics.]


[… symbol of power, particularly of the dominance of the feminine persona.] china.

[…reverence for life, the transience of being and the sadness at the passing of things.] japan


april showers bring may flowers…

forget spring, az is heating up in the name of summer already; days have begun to kiss the 100 degree mark, nights are topping out at 80 degrees.

all this heat is makin’ the flowers bloom…