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alright guys, it’s about that time.

the day is upon us, this show is moving to the Golden State.

I’ll be changing my zip code as of Oct 1st.  If you want a piece done by me there’s still a little bit of time left to create something great and lasting together.

If so, get at me.

If no, I’ll see ya when I see Ya!


Yes, yes, yes, one of my favorite images in my favorite styles on one of my favorite clients!

Check this awesome phoenix leg piece I started:

This is just after the first session and I can’t wait to finish this up — the end result is going to be a beast.

A fantastic, mythical MONSTER.


I’m very proud to announce that I will be showing at MiXOLOGY, a RAW Artist Showcase on

July 11, 2012! is an awesome organization that has branches all over the country and recently down under in Australia and serves to help artists gain exposure and network.  I’m very honored to be a part of this organization, peep out my artist profile here.

Though I have not been to a showcase myself, I took a look online after being contacted by RAW and it most definitely looks like an arT-kickin’ good time!  It’s gonna be a night of fashion, makeup, performance, music, and of course, ART!  The event will be taking place at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale – it’s a pretty dope spot with indoor + outdoor capabilities and several levels of fun.

I’ll be showcasing several canvases at the event AND maybe painting a new one live


As a featured Artist of course I want the show to POP OFF and be cracK-a-lacKiN’, so


There’s a pulldown menu at the top asking which artist you’re trying to support, go ahead and drop it down to SER_V1!!!!  Come enjoy, see, and say hi!

Tickets are only $10 so bring the whole fam!! (21+ event)

This client emailed over an image of a phoenix she wanted on the back of her neck. It was a simple line drawing and she had said she wanted colors in the image, so instead of creating a stencil I decided to just freehand it on and go from there.

For many people this particular area isn’t simple to sit through, but this lovely lady sat like a champ! She took it better than some men twice her size. 😉

Take a gander at the color I introduced to the piece: