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Enjoying my first All Hallow’s Eve in CA in a long time.

Keep it Safe & Scary out there people!


We hide from the mirrors/
They might show our scars/
And hear us/
(Go Go Go)
Reflection that we want to be/
The people we are (the people we are)/
Confront your reflection/
Smash what you see/
And let’s restart/
Cause mirrors can’t see our heart//

-Rise Against

Custom piece for a BADA$$ LIL’ LADY


Summer’s officially here, kiddies.

Stay Calm and Get Tattooed.

Oh, and don’t forget the sunblock.


Diamonds / Broken Bottles / Brass Knuckles / Shattered Teef

Party Hardy, baby.


these cute lil’ guys aren’t scary at all — they’re actually way too kyooootee.

i actually drew these on freehand; i’m kickin’ myself for not having taken a picture of the drawings beforehand. 😥

the only thing that’s lifting my spirits is looking at their cuteass faces. 😉


i did this piece during my guest spot in Texas and this is definitely one of my favorite cover-ups to date.  the client had a piece on his leg that he really wanted to cover up and get rid of.  he wasn’t too sure what he wanted, so after some brainstorming i started to do some freehand drawing on his leg.  we were all very pleased with the results.

i was able to help this client turn a tired, old tattoo:

into something baDA$$.