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a first tattoo:

[…sailors navigated by the stars at night and the north star
became the symbol for finding ones way home…

the star became a symbol
for finding ones way home or more symbolically even finding
ones path in life.]


this awesome client came to me as referral from another longtime awesome client of mine.  apparently they play cards together and she noticed the (and liked) the work he has going on in his arm.  this lady absolutely kicks TOO MUCH ASS – she’s in her late 70s and has finally gotten her first tattoo.  as you can see she came with a pisces + cross piece already in place (her first tattoo) but felt like it was missing something.  after a few minutes of picking her brain and talking, i proceeded to do some freehand drawing and came up with the seaweed.  she loved it, so we inked it in.

i added in the background glow to the cross as well.  i gotta say, i love the way it turned out + the getting to know this client.


had a lot of fun doing this piece.  this client came to me as a referral from a longtime client of mine.  he happened to be in the state for his father-in-law’s funeral and saw the work i had done on my client and wanted to get a memorial piece for his father-in-law.  he wanted a nautical star since his father-in-law had been in the navy for almost 30 years, his initials, and for it to be falling out of the sky.

we were both very pleased with the final product.