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Check out the work I did on the “Lady of the Valley” mural in Pacoima, CA!  This video is put together by the talented GR818ERS — if ya don’t know, now you KNOW!!!


Got the awesome opportunity to paint with some badass artists for the good of the community – what more can I ask for??

I don’t Freeze, I BURN!!!! A tribute to the hot bea$t that is AZ.

Wanna see more shots? Go here.

As some of you dear readers may recall, last year there was an event called the “Graffyard Boogie” that was put on by the one and only GR818ERS.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the event last year, but they kindly saved me a space and I busted a “Welcome to the Dojo” piece that has been burning for over a year.

As schedules would have it this year, I was able to make it to the event and got to paint with the other artists this time around.  There was dope music, mad food, FAMiLY, great vibes, and of course, beauty to be had all around.  I was ready to get down!!!

Wanting to stay with the theme of the Dojo, but also wanting to smoke my own previous piece, I decided to go with a funKED ouT Dragon production:

peep more pics here.


I’m proud to call myself a GR818ER and work side-by-side with these amazing people:

@ the 1 Yr Anniversary Saver (another GR818ER) and i collabed for the first time ever to create a lasting piece for the organization:

it was awesome painting in the warm CA sun and with another artist – can’t wait for the move to CA so i can do it aLL the TiME. 😉

wanna see more from the event?  peep this post out.

If you’re in the Phoenix area and you like to bust a groove (or want to send your children somewhere so they can learn to bust a groove) look no further than Diverse Elements. Offering classes in ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop, this studio lives up to it’s namesake.

Peep this awesome mural yours truly just completed there:

here are a few flickas during the 2-day project:

that’s right, alllllllllllll freehand, baby!!!

Check out the production I did while in Barcelona. Had an awesome opportunity to paint a sanctioned wall with my crew mates and we got DOWN (if I do say so myself!) 😉

Beautiful Barcelona: Gettin' UP yes yes y’all, gettin’ UP in BCN, FULL PRODUCTION STYLE! the goodies that were purchased at the montana factory store were definitely put to goOD use. 😉 ———————– coming from AZ, finding a sanctioned wall is like finding a $100 bill on the ground – they’re hard to come by.  when we first stepped off the plane and onto the train, we were blown away by all of the graff we saw flying by in the windows.  it was plain to see that graffi … Read More

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check out this graffiti mural i busted in los angeles — coverage courtesy of KEEPiTiGHT!

.:Welcome to the DOJO:. remember the adventure i took to 33third?  well, here’s the fruiT of that LaBoR! 😀 The DOJO is the nerve center of the GR818ERS – all of the activity, planning, and movement stem from this epicenter.  as i’ve noted before, it’s a place chock-full of great energy and people.  as a result of being a strong organization with a lot of support + helping hands, its walls have already been graced by many members + friends of the GR818ERS: as you can se … Read More

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