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…just in case you were wonderin’.



met this client recently.  after seeing her boyfriend get several pieces done by me (virtually pain-free) she decided she was going to take the jump and get her very 1st tattoo.  she had always been relatively scared of the pain associated with getting ink done, but after seeing her younger sister & boyfriend go under the needle, she knew she was just as tough as they were.

it’s awesome what love will help us do.

it sucks when the ONLY tattoo you have is busted.

well, i mean, any busted-a$$ tattoo sucks (of course) but it’s even worse if it’s your first+last one. 😛

the lines on this heart looked like they were drunk & had double-vision… as if the staples holding it together weren’t bad enouGH.  yiKEs.


after a lil’ handi-stitchin’ maGiC.