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here we are, finally finished:

this piece is nothin’ but pure reLaXaTioN…

Overcoming obstacles with flowing energy and feminine grace!


A little more to go!

This lovely clients first tattoo – and a beautifully peaceful one at that!  She’s a strong young lady who’s overcome obstacles and is finding her own strength in life.  This is a very fitting piece for her.

On a side note, I can’t stop humming “Aqueous Transmission” when I look at this piece…  the mood, the imagery, everything reminds me of this song:

Okay this is really it!!!
This will be the very last week that GoldenTouchTattoo will be open in A.Z…. This Sunday the 29th is the last day. So if you’d like to come by and say hello or goodbye you’re welcome to. Moving to Hollywood Cali but I won’t be to far away. Thank you all that believed and trusted me with your tattoo artwork.
Peace and Love,
Hope too see y’all sooner than later….
It’s been good AZ.