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this means “Warrior of God”.

but no matter what language you say it in, getting a piece across your ribs means YOU’RE A BADA$$.


Check out the production I did while in Barcelona. Had an awesome opportunity to paint a sanctioned wall with my crew mates and we got DOWN (if I do say so myself!) 😉

Beautiful Barcelona: Gettin' UP yes yes y’all, gettin’ UP in BCN, FULL PRODUCTION STYLE! the goodies that were purchased at the montana factory store were definitely put to goOD use. 😉 ———————– coming from AZ, finding a sanctioned wall is like finding a $100 bill on the ground – they’re hard to come by.  when we first stepped off the plane and onto the train, we were blown away by all of the graff we saw flying by in the windows.  it was plain to see that graffi … Read More

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