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A Geisha.

But this one would kick your ass and take what’s hers — no waiting around hoping!

I guess you could say she’s a part-time Ninja. ๐Ÿ˜‰


we are finished with this lucky piece!

this is an extremely fitting post for today (Friday the 13th) since koi are known for meaning good luck, good tidings, and good health. ย it’s a very lucky symbol to wear on yourself/have tattooed.

this piece happens to be on a long-time client of mine that is recently engaged, CONGRATULATIONS & BEST of LUCK to ya mate!!!

a beautiful backpiece is a *seriously* impressive tattoo to have.ย  in terms of time, commitment, and PATiENCE, a backpiece is NO JOKE.

i’ve had people make inquiries regarding possible backpieces, go thru the drawing/design process, and flip out when they hear that the outline alone with take 5 or more hours… lol, i guess they’ve been watching too much ‘LA Ink’ where full backs are done in 20 mins. hahahahhaha!!! :’D

here’s an approximate timeline to walk those of you who are thinking about owning an awesome backpiece:

about 4.5 hours - just the outline

another 7 hours or so - shading

another approx. 5 hours - color color color

and we’re not done yet.

there’s still more of this to go:

it helps to be able to SiT & have an artist w/a LiGHT HAND as well!

met this great client last year and did a brush-style piece of buddhist chant on her leg. it was spectacular and has been a great addition to my portfolio. i was thrilled when she contacted me this year and wanted to add-onto the piece:

we decided the blooming lotus, color, and smoke would add to the overall meaning and structure.

love the way it turned out; a great progression of time + life.