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As some of you dear readers may recall, last year there was an event called the “Graffyard Boogie” that was put on by the one and only GR818ERS.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the event last year, but they kindly saved me a space and I busted a “Welcome to the Dojo” piece that has been burning for over a year.

As schedules would have it this year, I was able to make it to the event and got to paint with the other artists this time around.  There was dope music, mad food, FAMiLY, great vibes, and of course, beauty to be had all around.  I was ready to get down!!!

Wanting to stay with the theme of the Dojo, but also wanting to smoke my own previous piece, I decided to go with a funKED ouT Dragon production:

peep more pics here.



Let’s kick off Monday right — with some WiLDSTYLE in yo’ eYe!!!

Say what? Nice colors but you don’t know where it’s from??

if you don’t know where this logo comes from even after seeing this:

you, dear reader, are no friend of mine.

Time to get on Netflix!

Did this awesome cover-up on a longtime homie of mine.  We grew up both loving hiphop and now all these years later we’re both still dedicated to our art.  It was dope working on this piece – we had mad memories and laughs.  Some shit don’t change! 😀

The pic underneath is what the original tattoo was and my freehand drawing/concept for the piece:


it’s no secret that i came up in my youth as a graffiti writer – bombing trains, catchin’ tags, full-color productions, smashin’ toyz, etc.  now that most of my art & time is immersed in ink and skin, i always jump at the chance to do a graffiti piece.  i just can’t pass up the chance to combine my two loves: graffiti + tattooing.

nothin’ like gettin’ back to your roots.