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If you’ve been following this blog of my work for a while I’m sure you’ve seen the variety of tattoos that have been fixed or completely covered up.  If you’ve seen these and wanna get your own tattoo fix/covered but aren’t too sure what the process here, here’s a lil’ taste of what takes place.

This piece happens to be a full cover-up, not just a lil’ clean/fix-up.  Check out how we SLAP some GOLD on that A$$:

Step 1: You have your existing tattoo that you no longer want and wish to cover up.

Step 2: We decide on what you want instead of the old tattoo.

Step 3: I make it happen. 🙂



the first time i fixed a heart, it was seriously BUSTED.  this one isn’t so much a total fiX as it is an ENHANCEMENT.

as you can see the original tattoo isn’t too bad… it’s pretty “aight”, but you already know me — i just gotta SLAP SOME GOLD ON iT.

you can’t sit in my chair without looking BETTER when you get up from it. 😉

met this client recently.  after seeing her boyfriend get several pieces done by me (virtually pain-free) she decided she was going to take the jump and get her very 1st tattoo.  she had always been relatively scared of the pain associated with getting ink done, but after seeing her younger sister & boyfriend go under the needle, she knew she was just as tough as they were.

it’s awesome what love will help us do.