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A Geisha.

But this one would kick your ass and take what’s hers — no waiting around hoping!

I guess you could say she’s a part-time Ninja. 😉


This awesome client came to me after seeing my black & gray work online; she had some existing work she wanted fixed and also wanted a stellar addition.  When she told me her idea about a Taurus / Wood Nymph / Pin-Up I was totally stoked.

Peep the results:


Happy Birthday to all the May-Taurus heads!

…in the space between my headphones…

i know i’ve been absent lately and i apologize for that dear readers.  i wish i could just say that i haven’t had the time to post my work lately, but i think i’m gonna have to point the finger and pin the blame on someone/something: travel.  been non-stop traveling these past couple of weeks (3 states in 2 weeks!) and haven’t had a moment to upload/display 😦  gonna try to get caught up, bear with me folks.