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At GoldenTouchTattoo we’re firm believers that it’s Never Too Late to Start Again!


Even if you have something that you think is too big to handle / too large and in charge to fiX or chanGE, we say, “IT AiNT’T OVER YET!!!”

The above picture is what my client came to me with – a pretty large piece going across back that needed to be fixed and re-shaped. ย She wasn’t too sure if anything could be done since it was so large and she was so unhappy with it. A few hours later and…




Don’t Settle with a Piece That You’re Unhappy With — it doesn’t have to be forever!!!

“mr.clean, mr.clean”

i’m sure even in a hundred years that jingle’ll still be in my head.ย  those ad makers did a helluva job with that tune.ย  he’s a pretty handsome bald guy as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

as you know this month of march has been dedicated to some Serious Spring Cleaning:

takin’ those inked mistakes and puttin’ the shine on ’em.

it’s a great feeling when someone walks in with an old/busted/bad tattoo, aren’t too sure what can even be done, and then gets blown away when they see their re-worked piece for the first time…

it’s freakin’ amazing.

*Rock Out*