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A Geisha.

But this one would kick your ass and take what’s hers — no waiting around hoping!

I guess you could say she’s a part-time Ninja. 😉


This awesome client came to me after seeing my black & gray work online; she had some existing work she wanted fixed and also wanted a stellar addition.  When she told me her idea about a Taurus / Wood Nymph / Pin-Up I was totally stoked.

Peep the results:


Happy Birthday to all the May-Taurus heads!

…in the space between my headphones…

i know i’ve been absent lately and i apologize for that dear readers.  i wish i could just say that i haven’t had the time to post my work lately, but i think i’m gonna have to point the finger and pin the blame on someone/something: travel.  been non-stop traveling these past couple of weeks (3 states in 2 weeks!) and haven’t had a moment to upload/display 😦  gonna try to get caught up, bear with me folks.

as you can see this tattoo had seriously fallen out.  it was only done about a year ago and it looks like it had been done about 20 years ago. not only had parts of the imagery fallen out, the writing had faded away to nothing.  it was my job to bring this tattoo BACK to LiFE!

went in, breathed new life into skull and female goddess, even added the filigree around each piece freehand. 😉