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don’t love that old tattoo you got years ago?

ain’t feelin’ that first piece of ink you got as a youngster?

no worries, i’ve got you covered.


it sucks when the ONLY tattoo you have is busted.

well, i mean, any busted-a$$ tattoo sucks (of course) but it’s even worse if it’s your first+last one. 😛

the lines on this heart looked like they were drunk & had double-vision… as if the staples holding it together weren’t bad enouGH.  yiKEs.


after a lil’ handi-stitchin’ maGiC.

For her first tattoo, this awesome Mom decided to get a hibiscus flower to commemorate the wonderful trips to Hawaii she’s taken with her husband. When I hit the first line on her, all of the kids were waiting to see her reaction. I fired up the machine and went in… silence… and then she exclaims, “Is that iT???!?” hahahahahahaha!!!!