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…On Your Sleeve.

This awesome client was a referral from another awesome client of mine (circle of awesomeness in full effect!) and he wanted to get this piece for his little son, to show that he meant the world to him.

Of course, when his boy saw his portrait on dad’s arm, the kid FREAKED OUT!!! 😀

lol, someone was VERy VERY happy to see how much his dad loves him.


This rockin’ mom has a whole family of tattoo lovers — from the kids to the hubby, she’s the only one who didn’t have a single tattoo.  *Was, that is.  She made the whole family proud and took her first tattoo like nothing — it’s not a small piece either!  Just goes to show again, LADiES are PiMPS, TOO.

Miss Holmes was the lucky winner of our GoldenTouchTattoo raffle + giveaway @ MYST nightclub for Dream Fridays, here she is claiming her prize 🙂 :

moral support

miss holmes opted to go with something for her family:.

lookin' SHARP

an original, custom tattoo made-to-order — done by our very own Georgian peach, Anthony McMullen.

smiles all around