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Very happy to announce that I’ll be hanging tough thru the July 4th week in the Lonestar State!

If you’d like to make an appointment, reach me at or message me thru the FB page!


Special shoutouts to my boyz @ Forever Ink.

Trust – everyone is mad ‘abled.’

If you’re ever in El Paso, TX head over here and tell ’em SerV1 sent ya.

Not only do these guys do good work, more importantly, they’re good peoples.

During my last visit to TX my homie and fellow writer, SkewTip, invited me to paint live with him at an event entitled, “Hip-Hop on the Patio.”  This was gonna take place at a local haunt but outside in the nice weather and was supposed to be a tribute to DJ Premier.  When we arrived the music was bumpin’ and the atmosphere was was vibin’ — what more do you need to get up properly?

Since we’re both down for DJ Premier we decided to go with a production that would immortalize him while paying respects to our crews/fam.  Peep the makings of right here:

The most daunting thing of all… a blank canvas.

Layin’ that first stroke / Doin’ that WORK side-by-side


Serv on the character / Skew on the lettering


All dunny!

Up-close and personal

lol, when i grew up TMNT was known as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, not “TMNT”… eh, i guess they’re trying to get on that cool tip.  kinda like when New Kids on the Block tried to come back as NKOTB lol!

this tattoo was a dope piece to do.  it was the clients first tattoo and i absolutely loved the concept – when he said TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles i was ready to rock!!!

*ninja VaNiSH*