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I know it’s the end of the Year of the Dragon, but hey, what’s more Chinese-y than a dragon? 😉


A few more to go before this dragon is really smokiN’.


have been thinking about doing a Bruce Lee painting for some time now. he’s was an amazing person + thinker. after seeing several films and documentaries on Bruce Lee, my fires were lit again… i wanted to paint him:

check out the making of this piece HERE.

a beautiful backpiece is a *seriously* impressive tattoo to have.  in terms of time, commitment, and PATiENCE, a backpiece is NO JOKE.

i’ve had people make inquiries regarding possible backpieces, go thru the drawing/design process, and flip out when they hear that the outline alone with take 5 or more hours… lol, i guess they’ve been watching too much ‘LA Ink’ where full backs are done in 20 mins. hahahahhaha!!! :’D

here’s an approximate timeline to walk those of you who are thinking about owning an awesome backpiece:

about 4.5 hours - just the outline

another 7 hours or so - shading

another approx. 5 hours - color color color

and we’re not done yet.

there’s still more of this to go:

it helps to be able to SiT & have an artist w/a LiGHT HAND as well!

Any artist out there working on a large piece knows the agony of waiting. The particular pain tolerance of the client, their ability to SiT, how their skin heals out, their schedule to even come in, etc., etc., the list is endless… it’s like bart + lisa in the backseat chanting, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet??”

I don’t know if it’s all those episodes of Miami Ink & LA Ink, but people, most large pieces are not done in one sitting – let alone 10 minutes. come on now. 😛

Here are two wonderful, consistent, committed clients – just 1/2 sessions away from being complete…

dragon backpiece

fudog rib piece

both of these pieces were started a few months ago and are finally on the homestretch of being DONE — can’t wait to finish them up and then hurry up and wait for them to heal out. 😉

i apprenticed under a tattooer who was a master at the traditional asian style of tattooing — til this day traditional asian tattoos remain some of my favorite pieces/styles to do. and of course, anyone who knows anything about asian art knows that dragons + phoenixes go HAND in HAND.

here are a few examples of my recent freehand asian work.

first up, DRAGON:

freehand dragon

as you can see this is our 2nd session. during our first session i created the dragon head with some finger waves around it. he then came back for the background/surrounding elements.

freehand dragon

next up i was asked to create a phoenix backpiece, so here’s what i came up with:

freehand phoenix


freehand phoenix

in flight

look ma! no hands!!!