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Hello Hello Everybody!

Sorry for the prolonged silence, GoldenTouchTattoo has been going thru some serious changes since I’ve last checked in – relocation to a different state, the holiday season, New Years, and now, looking to BUiLD iN 2013!!!

Change / Growth / Expansion — it’s all part of the game, baby


Flowing Water / Cherry Blossom / Skull


-Let’s Grow Together This Year-


…and be One with the Universe.

As you can see we went where the Universe wanted to take us.  She told me her ideas, I picked up my sharpie and started to flow with it.   Freehand doodle on the left, colored & tattooed product on the right.

We’re both pleased with the results. 🙂

havin’ a great time doin’ this sweet traditional asian koi 1/2 sleeve on a great client of mine.

but alas, like all good things, this is about to come to an end.

just one more of session of color and this badboy is gonna be ready to hit the streets!


…and those birds, and that heart, and that smoke…

let’s bring it all together.

let’s make it whoLE.



don’t love that old tattoo you got years ago?

ain’t feelin’ that first piece of ink you got as a youngster?

no worries, i’ve got you covered.


ebb / flow