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alright guys, it’s about that time.

the day is upon us, this show is moving to the Golden State.

I’ll be changing my zip code as of Oct 1st.  If you want a piece done by me there’s still a little bit of time left to create something great and lasting together.

If so, get at me.

If no, I’ll see ya when I see Ya!


Yes, yes, yes, one of my favorite images in my favorite styles on one of my favorite clients!

Check this awesome phoenix leg piece I started:

This is just after the first session and I can’t wait to finish this up — the end result is going to be a beast.

A fantastic, mythical MONSTER.



we are finished with this lucky piece!

this is an extremely fitting post for today (Friday the 13th) since koi are known for meaning good luck, good tidings, and good health.  it’s a very lucky symbol to wear on yourself/have tattooed.

this piece happens to be on a long-time client of mine that is recently engaged, CONGRATULATIONS & BEST of LUCK to ya mate!!!


A good friend and client happens to have this fish on and as you can see, it needed heLP.

That guppy had to go!


here’s the next installment of the koi & dragon backpiece:

almost there!!!


even though a small tattoo may seem relatively simple/easy to do, they actually are quite difficult.  they require a very steady and soft hand.  everyone knows that tattoos tend to bleed out/widen over time, if it’s done incorrectly your tiny tattoo could become a large mole in the upcoming years – who the hell wants that?!