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I’ll be painting live at the Art & Ink Festival this weekend in Sin City!

ImageCome check out the ink/music/art/autos!




I’m very proud to announce that I will be showing at MiXOLOGY, a RAW Artist Showcase on

July 11, 2012! is an awesome organization that has branches all over the country and recently down under in Australia and serves to help artists gain exposure and network.  I’m very honored to be a part of this organization, peep out my artist profile here.

Though I have not been to a showcase myself, I took a look online after being contacted by RAW and it most definitely looks like an arT-kickin’ good time!  It’s gonna be a night of fashion, makeup, performance, music, and of course, ART!  The event will be taking place at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale – it’s a pretty dope spot with indoor + outdoor capabilities and several levels of fun.

I’ll be showcasing several canvases at the event AND maybe painting a new one live


As a featured Artist of course I want the show to POP OFF and be cracK-a-lacKiN’, so


There’s a pulldown menu at the top asking which artist you’re trying to support, go ahead and drop it down to SER_V1!!!!  Come enjoy, see, and say hi!

Tickets are only $10 so bring the whole fam!! (21+ event)

remember those days as a kid when the best gift you could give someone was something handmade? something you’d put together with glue, yarn, and maybe some googley eyes?  no matter how terrible it was your parents/relatives were still obligated to love it and show it off? 😉

well, those days aren’t long gone.  the best gifts are STILL handmade.  get something for your loved one from here:

shop DEZiNE AD9 on Etsy

…or, if you’re in the PHX area, a gift certificate to GoldenTouchTattoo!

promise it’ll be true love this time around and no obligations 😉

If you’re in the Phoenix area and you like to bust a groove (or want to send your children somewhere so they can learn to bust a groove) look no further than Diverse Elements. Offering classes in ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop, this studio lives up to it’s namesake.

Peep this awesome mural yours truly just completed there:

here are a few flickas during the 2-day project:

that’s right, alllllllllllll freehand, baby!!!