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Don’t know if you remember a post from a few weeks back, but they’re related. 

This horse piece is over 16 years old — a solid piece that has held up over time, but you know I had to slap a bit of GOLD on it for a sweet refresher! 😀


I’m a lil jealous this horse gets to be rompin’ by the beach…;)


…or should i say ‘SeaStud’? 😉

(p.s. sorry boys & girls, he’s already found a happy home)



  • Power and might.
  • Pride and beauty.
  • Passion and sensuality.
  • Cruelty and violence.
  • Purity and courage.
  • Tiger images and statues are used to ward off evil spirits and bring luck to families and businesses.]


…symbol of rebirth and transformation.

…delicate beauty.



a lil’ sketchy-doodle action:

for TheDopesThreads.


march has been a busy month – a whole lotta traveling + doin’ the big CLEAN-UP.

out with the oLD, in with the bright, shiny, NEW!