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After writing that post on my new sketch video I noticed that this video and the production that came with it somehow slipped thru the cracks…

-Ser.V1 in Space-

Durok / Skew / Ser.V1

This footage is from Fall’11 and is a sweet collaborative production between 2 homies I have mad respect for, Skew1 & Durok (MZK), and myself.

Peep our spacey styles here:


Mosdefinitely want to give a big shoutout to the homie, PROSPER, for hookin’ us up with the wall! Much appreciated.


Check out this awesome piece I did at The GR818ER 2nd Anniversary: A Family Affair!

It was a great event for the community — lots of activities for the little ones along with some serious dancing and battles for the bigger ones. Oh, and of course delicious eats & fat beats for all the ones. 😉

to give you an idea of how big it is:


If you don’t know about this organization please head over to to see what they’re all about!

As some of you dear readers may recall, last year there was an event called the “Graffyard Boogie” that was put on by the one and only GR818ERS.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the event last year, but they kindly saved me a space and I busted a “Welcome to the Dojo” piece that has been burning for over a year.

As schedules would have it this year, I was able to make it to the event and got to paint with the other artists this time around.  There was dope music, mad food, FAMiLY, great vibes, and of course, beauty to be had all around.  I was ready to get down!!!

Wanting to stay with the theme of the Dojo, but also wanting to smoke my own previous piece, I decided to go with a funKED ouT Dragon production:

peep more pics here.


During my last visit to TX my homie and fellow writer, SkewTip, invited me to paint live with him at an event entitled, “Hip-Hop on the Patio.”  This was gonna take place at a local haunt but outside in the nice weather and was supposed to be a tribute to DJ Premier.  When we arrived the music was bumpin’ and the atmosphere was was vibin’ — what more do you need to get up properly?

Since we’re both down for DJ Premier we decided to go with a production that would immortalize him while paying respects to our crews/fam.  Peep the makings of right here:

The most daunting thing of all… a blank canvas.

Layin’ that first stroke / Doin’ that WORK side-by-side


Serv on the character / Skew on the lettering


All dunny!

Up-close and personal

ooooooooowwweeeeeee, with Friday the 13th & Tax Day just behind us, this past weekend should have gone down in history as the scariest weekend of all time!!!  terrible bad luck and giving money to the man in just the span of a few days?! yiKES.

to celebrate all these straight-up shivers, here’s a lil’ aerosol piece i just did out in TX:

An old friend whom I haven’t seen in ages reconnected when I was in the Lone Star state and invited me to go painting.  He had a wall AND rack?! Say no more, we were off and the fumes were oN.