video footage

After writing that post on my new sketch video I noticed that this video and the production that came with it somehow slipped thru the cracks…

-Ser.V1 in Space-

Durok / Skew / Ser.V1

This footage is from Fall’11 and is a sweet collaborative production between 2 homies I have mad respect for, Skew1 & Durok (MZK), and myself.

Peep our spacey styles here:


Mosdefinitely want to give a big shoutout to the homie, PROSPER, for hookin’ us up with the wall! Much appreciated.


Alright folks, I have a new video up on the youtube channel! Click thru and watch me do my thing for a min…

Had a lot of fun putting this together.  I’m using both a Sharpie & a Micron for those who are interested. 😉

If you need any videography done, I completely recommend GLASSWORK MEDIA!!! Hit them up for all of your video recording/editing/creating needs. Tell ’em Ernie Rojas sent ya!

check out this graffiti mural i busted in los angeles — coverage courtesy of KEEPiTiGHT!

.:Welcome to the DOJO:. remember the adventure i took to 33third?  well, here’s the fruiT of that LaBoR! 😀 The DOJO is the nerve center of the GR818ERS – all of the activity, planning, and movement stem from this epicenter.  as i’ve noted before, it’s a place chock-full of great energy and people.  as a result of being a strong organization with a lot of support + helping hands, its walls have already been graced by many members + friends of the GR818ERS: as you can se … Read More

via .keepitight.

oh, wordpress! how i’ve missed thee!

it’s been a WiLD few weeks – tattoos, state lines, canvas, paint, sketches, more ink, more state lines, let’s just say i’m happy to have a BREATHER for a min. 🙂

i’m ready to lounge around and kick the boots up – here’s a lil’ video footage of my dope a$$ homie, Bboy Ronnie Ruen that’ll knock your boots off too:

peep the shoutout to GoldenTouchTattoo @ the end!