I’ll be painting live at the Art & Ink Festival this weekend in Sin City!

ImageCome check out the ink/music/art/autos!




I don’t know if y’all remember, but during the Summer we had 2 Friday the 13ths in a row! YowZa.  Cruel Summer or what?? On the 2nd one I was in the Lone Star on an painting getaway so you know we had to do a tribute to Friday the 13th!

 Busted a lil’ Vorhees action in honor of:

hahaha, good times in the heat!!! after the $11 sunscreen that is hahahahahahah

Kiddies are already heading back to school but in the Summer here in AZ seems to be endleSS. It’s already August and the heat isn’t stopping anytime soon — it was 122 just the other day!  As a tribute to (and protection against) the dog days of summer, GoldenTouchTattoo x TheDopesThreads are teaming up to keep you cool and doped up. We’re proud to announce, SNAPBACKS & TATTOOS!!!

Simply mention this promotion when booking your appt!