check out this sweet side piece i created! it’s done in the Traditional Japanese style – a lot of black and gray and some color for accenting.  this little lady came in knowing exactly what she wanted.

Strength & Wisdom thru Adversity.


Wanna get new work done?

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Wanna get your FiRST tattoo???

Whatever your situation might be, booking a consultation is NOW EASiER THAN EVER thanks to STYLESUITE!

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Please keep in mind that this is ONLY FOR CONSULTATIONS – for you to come in, discuss your ideas for your piece, talk about imagery and placement, etc. YOU WILL NOT BE BOOKING A TATTOO APPT with this service, only a CONSULTATION.

alright, it’s time to make a big announcement…

after several successful years in AZ, i’ve decided to move my art over to CA.  we’ve had some great times together, Arizona… but it’s time for me to keep it moving.  i don’t want anyone left out, so if there are any pieces still floating around AZ that haven’t been completed yet, contact me now.  we have about 3.5 months to get ‘er done before i’m up and outta here.

and for all those people who’ve been waiting to get something by me, here’s your chance!  mention this Bon Voyage Sale and make it easier than ever to get a lasting work of art.