When we went to Roswell NM for SPACE WARZ 2 we had the huge honor to paint the front of the Roswell Boys & Girls Club with a large-scale mural. Rawk1 had hit me up about doing a wall for the community and wanted a full-out P_R_O_D_U_C_T_I_O_N.


House + Render + I were going to tackle the wall but had no idea what we were going to do until we saw the wall + neighborhood. We did the 12-hour drive and got in late Thurs nite. After a few ZZZZzzz we went to the wall early Fri. The Jam was to take place on Sat and we mosdefinitely wanted the piece to be done in time for the Jam – that meant we were gonna be doin’ it up into the NiGHT.

a quick game of b-ball w/the kids

The Boys & Girls Club was kind enough to supply the paint:

first stroke.

doin’ it in the DARK

one of the ladies that had her lights on for us needed a jump for her batteries, a little after that we decided to call it a day and come back in the morning…

a few hours before the jam…


well worth it.