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Successfully fixing/enhancing an old or bad tattoo is kind of like a revolution of the mind — you have to see more than what is there and what it can be.

In essence you must add your vision onto what exists.

When I was approached to fix these two small portraits I jumped at the chance – love these guys.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I am extremely pleased and proud to announce that I am releasing my first collection of LIMITED EDITION CANVAS PRINTS to my DezineAD9 web shop!

After an original painting is sold I am often approached by other collectors who missed out on the opportunity to own certain pieces.  Well, here’s your chance to collect ’em all! 😉

Michaelangelo’s Mi Pieta has always been one of my favorite pieces of art of al time.  Just imagining how this was created so long ago with older instruments and techniques is mind-blowing.  The amazing folds of fabric look real and definitely not stone!  Don’t even get me started in the emotion that is taking place here.

Since I absolutely love this piece, you know I was totally stoked when asked to tattoo it!!!

Like my tribute?

It’s on the back of an arm, so no draping skirts here, but mosdefinitely still laden with the EMOTiON.

…On Your Sleeve.

This awesome client was a referral from another awesome client of mine (circle of awesomeness in full effect!) and he wanted to get this piece for his little son, to show that he meant the world to him.

Of course, when his boy saw his portrait on dad’s arm, the kid FREAKED OUT!!! 😀

lol, someone was VERy VERY happy to see how much his dad loves him.