PhoeniX, AZ

Had a blast boothin’ with the 27JUNKiES @ the last Body Art Expo!

Yes, it was a FULL HOUSE!!!

Check out the dope streetwear 27JUNKiES makes!



I’ve got a question for ya: how does as OBJECT get dressed up?

an object such as a car? a van?

a piece of furniture?

a purse??

a skull???

PiNSTRiPiNG of course!

Pinstriping is a classic hand technique that is not easy to master.  I recently met a dope pinstriper in Phoenix. He goes by the name of Bonehead Pinstriping — check out the new things he’s doin’ with an old art!

Well it’s the microphone ripper, party-rockin Gift of Gab/
I hit the scene, lift you on my beam/
And send you through my high plains/
Mind-train shiftin through your migraines/
Spit with that I hit with patterns get you twisted sideways//

– Gift of Gab

A lil’ up-close-n-personal peep of a hot custom piece I did.  As an artist, there are few things I love more than CUSTOM REQUESTS.  If you’re interested in having a piece done by me and want me to create something unique for you, don’t be shy.