PhoeniX, AZ

Had a blast boothin’ with the 27JUNKiES @ the last Body Art Expo!

Yes, it was a FULL HOUSE!!!

Check out the dope streetwear 27JUNKiES makes!



I’ve got a question for ya: how does as OBJECT get dressed up?

an object such as a car? a van?

a piece of furniture?

a purse??

a skull???

PiNSTRiPiNG of course!

Pinstriping is a classic hand technique that is not easy to master.  I recently met a dope pinstriper in Phoenix. He goes by the name of Bonehead Pinstriping — check out the new things he’s doin’ with an old art!

Luckily not all bad decisions are forever, right??

That old piece has ridden away on the wind!


alright guys, it’s about that time.

the day is upon us, this show is moving to the Golden State.

I’ll be changing my zip code as of Oct 1st.  If you want a piece done by me there’s still a little bit of time left to create something great and lasting together.

If so, get at me.

If no, I’ll see ya when I see Ya!


An awesome zombie brain-eating bird that is. 😉

Here’s the freehand work beforehand:







Well it’s the microphone ripper, party-rockin Gift of Gab/
I hit the scene, lift you on my beam/
And send you through my high plains/
Mind-train shiftin through your migraines/
Spit with that I hit with patterns get you twisted sideways//

– Gift of Gab

A lil’ up-close-n-personal peep of a hot custom piece I did.  As an artist, there are few things I love more than CUSTOM REQUESTS.  If you’re interested in having a piece done by me and want me to create something unique for you, don’t be shy.