At GoldenTouchTattoo we’re firm believers that it’s Never Too Late to Start Again!


Even if you have something that you think is too big to handle / too large and in charge to fiX or chanGE, we say, “IT AiNT’T OVER YET!!!”

The above picture is what my client came to me with – a pretty large piece going across back that needed to be fixed and re-shaped.  She wasn’t too sure if anything could be done since it was so large and she was so unhappy with it. A few hours later and…




Don’t Settle with a Piece That You’re Unhappy With — it doesn’t have to be forever!!!


Very happy to announce that I’ll be hanging tough thru the July 4th week in the Lonestar State!

If you’d like to make an appointment, reach me at or message me thru the FB page!

Check out this awwwwwwweessommeee piece I had the chance to spruce up a bit:

So friggin’ dope and vibrant – really dig the imagery and the colors of the piece.  As you can see from below, it was WAY different before vs. after I got my hands on it.  The previous artist and told my client that the piece was finished and nothing else needed to be done.  After taking one look at it, I knew I could slap a lil’ gold on it the right way. 😉

Yeah, I’m down with Nature.

this well-worn tag is on one of my oldest homies.  we’ve had great times gettin’ up and painting the town red (and lime green and dodger blue and gun metal gray etc) and this little tag is a tribute to that.  this piece is well over 10 years old and he asked if i could re-fresh it it a bit and breath some new life into it.  here’s what i came up with:

nothin’ more fitting than making it a tribute to graFF life!