Alright folks, I have a new video up on the youtube channel! Click thru and watch me do my thing for a min…

Had a lot of fun putting this together.  I’m using both a Sharpie & a Micron for those who are interested. 😉

If you need any videography done, I completely recommend GLASSWORK MEDIA!!! Hit them up for all of your video recording/editing/creating needs. Tell ’em Ernie Rojas sent ya!


who doesn’t love going out to the mailbox and getting packages with your name on them? it’s even better when you’re not expecting to get anything but bills and junk mail. 😉

a few days ago i was out at the mail box as usual and to my surprise i got a package from an old friend that i had recently gotten back in touch with. we had known each other over 15 years ago, when we were both youngsters runnin’ round the neighborhood and i was dating his sister. i was already painting/drawing back in the day and always encouraged him to paint and draw as well every time i saw in. in fact, long after his sis and i broke up, i was still chilling and drawing with this guy. when we got back in touch i was mad flattered and inspired to learn that he had decided to pursue his art as well and is now doing various art projects throughout the Austin, TX area.  he’s even kept the moniker i dubbed him with! “Killah Kid Cask” 😀

peep the goods he sent me just for kicks:

this really touched and overwhelmed me… i’ve never had a portrait/caricature done of me!!!  since i’m such a manly man, i can admit it got me a lil’ tight in the chest when i opened up that package…  he really made my day.

check the it out:


SO FRiGGiN’ DOPE!!!  I feel blessed to have this piece grace my walls and that I was given the chance to inspire him to use his creative energy and skillZ.  i’m thankful that our paths crossed.

  if you’re in the Austin, TX area and need anything painted/created, don’t hesitate to hit up Cask here:

remember those days as a kid when the best gift you could give someone was something handmade? something you’d put together with glue, yarn, and maybe some googley eyes?  no matter how terrible it was your parents/relatives were still obligated to love it and show it off? 😉

well, those days aren’t long gone.  the best gifts are STILL handmade.  get something for your loved one from here:

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promise it’ll be true love this time around and no obligations 😉