when people decide to get a tattoo it’s always for a different reason:  memorialize a memory, honor an ideal, mark a milestone within their lives, open new doors, close old ones, wear their allegiances proudly, whatever the reason may be, getting inked has served these purposes and more in countless cultures throughout history.

getting permanently adorned with what’s closet to your heart/mind can be found in every industry, race, and class:  superstitious sailors would get a rooster on one foot and a pig on another; members of the yakuza would dedicate lives to completing bodysuits that would never be shown; tribal designs can be found decorating warriors the world over.

when it comes to a good tribal piece, it’s all about 3 threes things:

1) how the piece FITS on the body.
whether it’s an armband, chest piece,
leg sleeve, or face piece, you really
want the tribal design to flatter and
enhance that body part.
2) how clean + solid the lines are. with a
tribal piece it’s extra-easy to see
where there isn’t enough ink, pepper
shading, and shaky linework. clean
and solid are key.
3) how even/equal the lines are. since a
tribal design usually encompasses
geometric shapes it’s crucial for both
sides of the image to be balanced
and not distorted, warped, or tilted in
any direction.

here’s a BADA$$ tribal bull i did recently: