black and gray

Luckily not all bad decisions are forever, right??

That old piece has ridden away on the wind!


Michaelangelo’s Mi Pieta has always been one of my favorite pieces of art of al time.  Just imagining how this was created so long ago with older instruments and techniques is mind-blowing.  The amazing folds of fabric look real and definitely not stone!  Don’t even get me started in the emotion that is taking place here.

Since I absolutely love this piece, you know I was totally stoked when asked to tattoo it!!!

Like my tribute?

It’s on the back of an arm, so no draping skirts here, but mosdefinitely still laden with the EMOTiON.

Wanna get new work done?

Wanna get old work covered/fixed??

Wanna get your FiRST tattoo???

Whatever your situation might be, booking a consultation is NOW EASiER THAN EVER thanks to STYLESUITE!

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Simple as that.

At the touch of your keyboard!!!


Please keep in mind that this is ONLY FOR CONSULTATIONS – for you to come in, discuss your ideas for your piece, talk about imagery and placement, etc. YOU WILL NOT BE BOOKING A TATTOO APPT with this service, only a CONSULTATION.