Monthly Archives: August 2012

Got the awesome opportunity to paint with some badass artists for the good of the community – what more can I ask for??

I don’t Freeze, I BURN!!!! A tribute to the hot bea$t that is AZ.

Wanna see more shots? Go here.


Well it’s the microphone ripper, party-rockin Gift of Gab/
I hit the scene, lift you on my beam/
And send you through my high plains/
Mind-train shiftin through your migraines/
Spit with that I hit with patterns get you twisted sideways//

– Gift of Gab

A lil’ up-close-n-personal peep of a hot custom piece I did.  As an artist, there are few things I love more than CUSTOM REQUESTS.  If you’re interested in having a piece done by me and want me to create something unique for you, don’t be shy.


Had a great time at the showcase! For those of you who were able to make it out, THANK YOU!!! And for all of the new faces I met that night, THANK YOU, TOO!!!

It was a long, hot day that turned into a long, hot, and WET night of work, but it was well worth it — ALL iN ART, right? In the middle of all the craziness we managed to do short artist interviews as well. Here’s mine:

Had a lot of fun meeting other artists and was in awe of all the different mediums people were using to express themselves in. So fantastic!

Here are a few flicks from that night:

These Guys! / Prints on Deck / The Set-Up

The other side / Earring Power / SistaZ

Nothin’ but TROUBLE up top 😀 / My work on the bottom

Can’t wait to hit a RAW Showcase in another city!!