Preparation is the name of the game.

I’m sure any seasoned tattooer can tell you that half the challenge of getting a great tattoo is being prepared physically/mentally/emotionally for the pain and change that is about to take place with any tattoo.  Here are some wise words from my fellow tattooer, Mr. Sabur about this very issue:


While tattooing, and its history, is rich with stories of the bravado of staggering sailors, the heart wrenching emotions of tearful breakups, and tales of devotion and loyalty has been made rich by drunken and otherwise-poorly-influenced bad decisions,  hyping yourself up is not the only step to take to prepare for a new tattoo.

While the only thing you have to do to get a great tattoo is call and make an appointment, believe me, it paaays to be prepared.

Please remember, Getting a tattoo is, at best, a stressful procedure for your body.  The better  condition your mind, body, and skin are in when your session is scheduled, the better you will be able to cope with it!  The best thing that you can do prior to a tattoo is rest well, be well fed, well hydrated, moisturize to prepare for your tattoo.  We have plenty of books, magazines, music, and movies to pass the time ( and thrilling conversation;))  You may be sitting for some time, so to further enhance your experience it will be great to be comfortable, bring your choice of snakes, cozy drapes, comfort items, or music on cd or i-media

  • Be Fed: – Don’t be hungry, you will pass out. It is imperative that you eat a good meal 2-4 hours before your tattoo.
  • Be Hydrated, Be Moisturized: Drink water, use lotion! Healthy  skin is supple, and easy to tattoo. And hurts less!
  • Dry skin is tough, itchy, flaky, and oversensitive. It resists needle penetration and ink fixation. And HURTS MORE. A glass of water will make a noticeable difference in your skin texture in minutes (literally) Drink several!
  • Be Rested: Well-rested bodies and minds are patient, creative, determined, excited, happy.
    Don’t be cranky, irritable, or hung over.
  • Be SOBER- See Above. (Not to mention terms and release forms: You WILL NOT be seen while intoxicated)
  • Be Comfortable: Please dress comfortably and bring your music player, playlist, or favorite CD.
    Having something to squeeze, watch, read, or listen to can make the experience pleasant.
  • What to Wear / Drapes: Wear clothes in which you are able to reveal the area to be tattooed, but not expose more than you’re comfortable.  If you will be partially revealed, your artist will provide sanitary drapes, but you may also feel free to bring your own canga, sarong, robe, or something comfortable to drape yourself with.
  • Also: Consider the clothes you will be leaving in: It would probably not be the best idea to have to have rough denim or footwear brushing your freshly tattooed skin!


For anyone considering large work or many pieces, take this wisdom to heart — sleeves and bodysuits don’t come about in a week.


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