Monthly Archives: May 2012

Love painting with the homie Durok!  Here’s a peek at our last session:

The sun went down and we kept hittin’ iT — you KNOW we got that PASSiON.

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Did this pretty sweet biomechanical design on a leg, peep out the freehand work and the following ink work. I really dig some gnarly, toxic, face-melting, straight biohazardous biomech and wouldn’t mind doing more of these pieces. 🙂


I’m a lil jealous this horse gets to be rompin’ by the beach…;)


>Hope not<

Had a lot of fun doing this tiny piece!  You might not be able to tell but this piece is located on the back of a neck – a very tender and soft area to work.  Having a small piece on soft skin is double jeopardy since it’s too easy to have lines blow out and lose their shape over time.  Finding a skilled and talented tattooer makes all the difference – after all, this is for life!

It pays to get it done right the FIRST TIME.


One of my latest pieces, happily hanging in a great home.


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This awesome client came to me after seeing my black & gray work online; she had some existing work she wanted fixed and also wanted a stellar addition.  When she told me her idea about a Taurus / Wood Nymph / Pin-Up I was totally stoked.

Peep the results:


Happy Birthday to all the May-Taurus heads!