-Hip-Hop on the Patio-

During my last visit to TX my homie and fellow writer, SkewTip, invited me to paint live with him at an event entitled, “Hip-Hop on the Patio.”  This was gonna take place at a local haunt but outside in the nice weather and was supposed to be a tribute to DJ Premier.  When we arrived the music was bumpin’ and the atmosphere was was vibin’ — what more do you need to get up properly?

Since we’re both down for DJ Premier we decided to go with a production that would immortalize him while paying respects to our crews/fam.  Peep the makings of right here:

The most daunting thing of all… a blank canvas.

Layin’ that first stroke / Doin’ that WORK side-by-side


Serv on the character / Skew on the lettering


All dunny!

Up-close and personal


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