!!!Congrats to Cyphers!!!

For receiving a nomination for this years Phoenix New Times BiG BRAiN AWARDS!!!  For a business that has only had their doors open for 2 months, you already KNOW this place is packin’ the heat and movin’ + shakin’ the landscape up.

!!!PROPS to my FAM!!!

“…The name, Magana says, is the term in hip-hop culture for the circle b-boy dancers, emcees, slam poets, and musicians often naturally form. “The cypher is where the energy is — it’s as much the feeling as it is the formation … Dancers and performers spend a lot of time competing and performing on stages and for crowds, but it’s in the cypher that they truly earn the respect of each other.”

Read the full article here.


Aside from seeing my brethren get recognized for the work they do everyday for our community, it warms my heart to see my own help and support.  Being a busy person myself with my own business, it isn’t always easy to give back and volunteer/do work as much as I’d like to, but I always try to do what I can when I can.  And when I take a look at that collage of 5 photos, it makes my chest proud to see 4 out of those 5 squares contain my art, my expressions and my person that I gave in hopes of helping the community with.  It’s more than fitting that I file this post under ‘Dezine AD9’ and ‘Community Movement’.

PROPS TO CYPHERS!!!  Hope you got that acceptance speech ready!


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