Monthly Archives: December 2011

alright, we’re at that time of year again…

i don’t wanna get teary-eyed so i’m gonna make it as short and & sweet as possible…

it’s been amazing 2011…

things were spectacular…

but, it’s time to move onto biGGer and beTTeR thangs…



forget visions of sugar plum fairies – they don’t have anything on this lovely Sugar Skull Lady i started:

i think most of us would agree that we’d rather have her dancing around in our head 😉


so 2011 is coming to a wrap. we’re closing out this year to make room for biGGer and beTTER thangs in 2012 – what better way to help usher in the new year than with getting rid of that old tattoo with a new one??


The All Seeing Eye.

[The pyramid itself was seen as literally a stairway to the heavens. Egyptian rulers viewed themselves as Gods and the completed pyramid served as a symbol of their ascent to the above. The uncompleted pyramid such as that shown on the US dollar bill was a symbol of a country that was a work in progress. The “all seeing eye” would be borrowed from the Eye of Horus (an Egyptian god) and traditionally serves as a symbol of protection.]

“Butterfly Kisses”

She’ll keep you focused.

Available Here.


she’ll rock your world:

“All of the Lights”