Monthly Archives: October 2011

i’ve always been equal opportunity for all monsters,

but Dracula will always hold a special place in my heart. 🙂

enjoy Fright Night w/some awesome Trick-or-Treating boys & ghouls!


remember those days as a kid when the best gift you could give someone was something handmade? something you’d put together with glue, yarn, and maybe some googley eyes?  no matter how terrible it was your parents/relatives were still obligated to love it and show it off? 😉

well, those days aren’t long gone.  the best gifts are STILL handmade.  get something for your loved one from here:

shop DEZiNE AD9 on Etsy

…or, if you’re in the PHX area, a gift certificate to GoldenTouchTattoo!

promise it’ll be true love this time around and no obligations 😉