Monthly Archives: September 2011

on the ocean floor with OctoGraFF…

-custom commissioned painting-

that’s Mr. OctoGraFF to you!

want a piece tailored to your specifications?  just say the word!


I’m proud to call myself a GR818ER and work side-by-side with these amazing people:

@ the 1 Yr Anniversary Saver (another GR818ER) and i collabed for the first time ever to create a lasting piece for the organization:

it was awesome painting in the warm CA sun and with another artist – can’t wait for the move to CA so i can do it aLL the TiME. 😉

wanna see more from the event?  peep this post out.


a first timer’s gift to themselves:

we decided to go with sugar, spice, and everything nice.


alright, it’s time to make a big announcement…

after several successful years in AZ, i’ve decided to move my art over to CA.  we’ve had some great times together, Arizona… but it’s time for me to keep it moving.  i don’t want anyone left out, so if there are any pieces still floating around AZ that haven’t been completed yet, contact me now.  we have about 3.5 months to get ‘er done before i’m up and outta here.

and for all those people who’ve been waiting to get something by me, here’s your chance!  mention this Bon Voyage Sale and make it easier than ever to get a lasting work of art.


to happiness is

…stayin’ light at heart.

met this awesome mom who’s finally doin’ a lil’ something for herself!

a first tattoo.


don’t have eyes for the world outside
they’re closed and turned within
trying to find the light inside
it’s lit, but growing dim

i’m alright, it’s just tonight
i can’t play the part
i’m alright, it’s alright
it’s just a broken heart

-Eddie Vedder