Monthly Archives: August 2011

If you’re in the Phoenix area and you like to bust a groove (or want to send your children somewhere so they can learn to bust a groove) look no further than Diverse Elements. Offering classes in ballet, jazz, modern, and hip hop, this studio lives up to it’s namesake.

Peep this awesome mural yours truly just completed there:

here are a few flickas during the 2-day project:

that’s right, alllllllllllll freehand, baby!!!

did this awesome piece on a father + son as family crest tattoo:

[Griffin is a supernatural, solar hybrid creature, a mediator between the Earth and the Sky. Its most ancient picture was found on the wall of a Mesopotamian temple. It has the body of a lion and the wings and claws of an eagle. As you know, Lion is the King of animals whereas Eagle is the King of birds. That’s why in the ancient world griffin was an emblem of double solar power, the power over the Earth and the Sky, vigilance and bellicosity.]