Monthly Archives: June 2011

…in the space between my headphones…

i know i’ve been absent lately and i apologize for that dear readers.  i wish i could just say that i haven’t had the time to post my work lately, but i think i’m gonna have to point the finger and pin the blame on someone/something: travel.  been non-stop traveling these past couple of weeks (3 states in 2 weeks!) and haven’t had a moment to upload/display 😦  gonna try to get caught up, bear with me folks.


maybe it’s because school’s out  or because summer’s full on and the kids are home everyday… i’m not sure what’s causing it, but i’ve been getting more and more parents who want to get their kids’ names tattooed. 🙂

met this great client thru an old client of mine.  he already has his first daughter’s name tattooed and didn’t want his younger daughter to feel left out, so we did her name up RiGHT.