Monthly Archives: February 2011

***WARNiNG*** the tattoo you are about to see is seriously teRRiBLE/embarassing/buSTED.  don’t be alarmed, you’ve been warned.

we all gasped in shock when she first lifted her sleeve…

she was about to go home to the east coast and was tOO afraid to show moms thiS:

no, it’s not done in crayon… it’s a reaL tattoo. yIKES.

i did what i could:

ready for mamadukes. 🙂

the best part about fixing a truly heinous tattoo??

we all get to be friends and share a good laugh afterwards.


custom |ˈkəstəm| – adjective.  Made or done to order for a particular customer : a custom guitar.

original |əˈrijənl|- adjective.  Created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation : original Rembrandts | playing original material. Not dependent on other people’s ideas; inventive and unusual : a subtle and original thinker. See note at creative .

stencil-free & flash-free.

just the way you like it.