Monthly Archives: January 2011

i work on a lot of large pieces – full sleeves (arms & legs!), back pieces, full chest pieces, rib/side pieces, portraits, BUT, that doesn’t mean i won’t work on a tiny tattoo either.

like we always say,

No piece too BiG or smaLL.

Our philosophy is to bring you amazing artwork that will stand the test of time.


standing at a little under a foot, this zombie bear packs a punch + is sure to eat your brains:

completely custom & hand-painted.

want one for yourself?

don’t be sKuRReD…

get @ me.


who doesn’t like winning stuff?

i freehanded this lil’ guy as a small element of a full, hard rockin’ sleeve – just a tiny piece of a much larger piece of work, but look what it got my client:

awesome swag from the PBR people!!! 😀

hellz yeah!


she’s ready for a home as well:

30 x 40 inches

if you would like her to grace your wall, hit me up.

there are also these lovely ladies as well.


not the natalie portman kind – the Western Australian kind.

recently met this awesome international tattoo collector – traveling the globe and picking up pieces along the way.

what.a.journey, damn proud i could be a part of it.

f*ck yeah.


custom-made & custom-ordered slip-ons.

as always, hand-painted, weatherproofed, and ready to hit the pavement.

get yours.