meet ZOMBiE PaNDA!

custom ordered kicks:


hand-painted, weatherproofed, and ready to hit the pavement:

you can have your own, too.

in whatever design your heart desires.

just drop me a line.

  1. DmokOneR said:

    Diggin your style! Keep it up! SHits Fresh To Death~~~~!!!

  2. Vonne said:

    I really LUV the Zombie Panda shoes! I wanted to know how much you charge for this type of work and can you make me a Zombie Bunny pair. 🙂

    • hey vonne,

      for sure i can make you a zombie bunny pair! that sounds like a lot of fun. the price starts at $60 to customize a pair. do you have your own pair of shoes you want to customize? or would you like me to purchase the shoe as well? if i have to purchase the shoes, obviously the cost of the shoe will be included as well. let me know what works best for you.

  3. caylen said:

    How much would you charge for this design?

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