Monthly Archives: November 2010


this SAT + SUN:


to all of my wonderful clients (old+new), THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

hug your loved ones, drink merrily, and eat TURKEY. 😀


a brand-new client of mine recently got this on his chest.

the hot pink detailing on the tail signifies breast cancer.

the date on the bomb is the day his wife beaT iT.


for a first-born son.


on a kickass new client – she’s always on time, on point, and on the MOVE.

full of life + vibrant

she runs her own gig + rides a hog. about a year ago she was involved in serious motorcycle accident – someone must have been watching out over her because she’s very lucky to be alive after such a serious collision.

she’s had to wait almost 12 months for her skin to heal to the point of being tattoo-able. in light of the extraordinary circumstances she wanted to get a Road Angel, a wheel + a wing.

el Mac + Retna mural - her inspiration