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don't worry, we got a consent form from mom šŸ˜‰

and a surprise performance:



i started fixing + re-doing this piece early this year.Ā  it’s taken [more than] a few months, but it’s finally finished and ready for the world. šŸ˜€Ā  i do wish i had the ‘before’ photo so you could really appreciate this ‘after’ one.

[peony flower…regarded as a symbol of wealth, good fortune and prosperity]

[chrysanthemum…Autumn is the season of this flower, a time of tranquillity, completeness, and abundance following the harvest. Since it blooms right into winter, it may also symbolize the ability to mediate between life and death, between Heaven and Earth.]

[cherry blossoms… transience of life, change of seaons]

Pink itĀ“s my new obsession
Pink itĀ“s not even a question

so we’ve been going PiNK for october in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month and doing free pink ribbon tattoos for ladies who have/supports someone who has fought/is fighting cancer – this was the first time someone asked for a portrait-style ribbon. it was a fun little piece to do.

Big shout out to Rawk1 for throwing this battle + the Roswell Girls & Boys Club for hosting it. Ā Had a great time makin’ memories — Space Warz 2!!!

alright, got the mural done, ready for the BATTLE to BEGiN.

cats came from all over the southwest to attend: AZ, TX, CO, CA were all in the house, ready to take it to Outer Space and beyond.

CONGRATULATIONS to BBOY CHINGON (Holy Faith) for taking the BBOY BATTLE and DEVIOUS (G Style)Ā for taking the POPPING BATTLE — they went HARD EVERY ROUND.

bboy chingon!

denzel + house LOCKING iT UP

…like a woman scorned.

meet the hanya mask, a very old + traditional symbol in japanese tattooing culture.

[…representing a jealous female demon. It is used to represent the malice or sublime emotions of human beings. It possesses two sharp bull-like horns, glaring eyes, and a leering mouth split from ear to ear.]

[…said to be dangerous and demonic, but also sorrowful and tormented displaying the complexity of human emotions.]

[These tattoos are believed to ward off evil spirits, and bring good luck to the person sporting them.]

i’ve lived in a few states while growing up, but CA will always be where i became a Man.Ā  theĀ Ā Ā Ā Ā  experiences i had there, the people that i met, and everything else in between helped make me into the person i am today.Ā  Cali, you know I got nothin’ but Love for You.

here’s one of her native sons giving the great Golden State of California her due props + love:

"it's all good from Diego to the Bay"

[From Oakland to Sacktown
The Bay Area and back down
Cali is where they put they mack down] -2pac